My Love is You, Youngie-ah 2/2


Fatminho On Fanfiction

kyusoy2 - Copy

Tittle : My Love is You, Youngie-ah 2
Length : Twoshout
Rating : 16+
Genre : Romance,a little sad,friendship
Main cast : Kyuhyun, Sooyoung
Author : Fatminho
Disclaimer : The Plot is Main
Note :
Anyeong reader-deul yg baik hati sudah mw membaca ff q  Gomawo RCL’a. maaf blum bisa q balas atu-per-atu 😀 . after all, negative positive bagaimana pun comment kalian, aq tetap menerimanya. Itulah kodrat sebuah komentator, memberi respon menurut pemikirannya.

Baiklah-baiklah, cukup sudah cincong si author,
Bersahabat yuk, (if you want) get my fb: Fatminho Youngwonhi twetter: @fatminhojojo and MY blog: Fatminhojojo SparKyuYoungster.

I’m waiting you all 

– Happy Reading – 


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